Darren Jones

Apprentice Drafter

Gaining experience and knowledge during the Computer Aided Design and Drafting program at Portland Community College has been a great experience. I am adept at learning new technologies and look forward to ever improving upon my skill base. I gained experience with mechanical tolerance and GD&T analysis, using mathematics to solve computer aided design problems, drafting measurement systems and conversions, applied trigonometry, descriptive geometry, statics and material strength, and more. I have drafting skills, including making 2-D mechanical drawings using hand sketching techniques while applying ANSI best practices.

After passing the Mechanical Apprentice Drafter exam I am now an ADDA certified Apprentice Drafter. I hold a 4.0 grade point average and will be taking Advanced Solidworks this summer 2020 to graduate in September.

I also have general skills that are essential for a CAD drafter. I am a detail-oriented person who strives to present the best possible product. I am good at working with others and following directions. Overall, I am a hard-working person who is willing to go above and beyond for his team. The diverse classes in the program at PCC have been great and I look forward to using my new skills on the job.

Below are some of the projects I have worked on throughout the last 9 months or so in the program at PCC. I still get great enjoyment out of process of designing a product, creating it in CAD, and making drawings and renders. I really enjoyed getting into the simulations in Fusion 360, the generative design feature, and also iLogic in Autodesk Inventor. I look forward to delving deeper into these features.

Spice Organizer

( Inventor )

Class: Advanced Inventor

Assignment: Sheet Metal Challenge

Spice Holder empty Spice Holder with jars

The assignment was to make something original with sheetmetal. I made this spice organizer that would fit in my kitchen drawer. I made the spice bottle and found some lables for a final touch for the render.

Mechanical Vise

( Inventor )

Class: Mechanical Design and Drafting

Assignment: Final Drawing

---> Detailed drawings Basic Vise render in shop vise render Book Image

I created this vise from our text book shown above. Detailed drawings were then created also using Inventor. I continue to enjoy creating things in the 3D environment. Bringing my ideas to life, or even existing ones, continues to bring me entertainment and satisfaction.

Generative Design

( Fusion 360 )

Class: Statics/Mechanicas for Designer

Assignment: Generative Design Challenge

main view main simulation view

The assignment was a competition to create a bracket that could hold a 150 pounds force over a 1 inch wide area chamfer while maintaining a safety factor greater than 3. The goal was to make it as light as possible using any material you could. We were practicing simulation in Fusion 360 and I had discovered the generative design aspect so I used that. In the end I was experimenting and got it down to a decent weight (.44 ounces or so) but I was still using Aluminum. So I got 10th place. Once I swapped out the material on my same design for CFRP it became the lighest one of the class (.233 ounces) and could have won. In the end I got it to support 340 pounds!? It was very entertaining for me to go through this process and experiement with different shapes and cut away material to see how it would affect the simulations. Below are some failed iterations working towards my final design.

main simulation view main simulation view

Skull Light Decoration

( Inventor )

Class: Materials and Design for Manufacturing

Assignment: Final

---> Detailed drawings Skull Light on Decorated Table

The assignment was to create an encasement for a small PCB board we had soldered earlier in the term. It would power two small lightbulbs so I decided to design a small Halloween lamp for it. Also a lot of fun. If I were to create this again I would definitely remove the inner metal casing where the pcb board slides in and just encorporate that slide feature in the plastic mold. But the assignment required multiple parts.

Aquaponics Group Project

( Fusion 360 )

Class: Product Design and Developement Fundamentals

Assignment: Group Project

iso view of Aquaponics assembly Section View of Aquaponics assembly

I worked with three other classmates in conjunction with a couple PCC STEM Center students' idea to create a aquaponic system that they wanted to create. Design for manufacturing was a focus due to the small budget and need to easily recreate this in real life. We chose mostly purchaseable parts and created a few custom parts like the algae growing medium (green triangles) and the attachment on top of the pump.

We learned a lot about the product design process as we worked on brainstorming ideas and product research. It was also a great experience working together via Fusion 360's cloud based environment.


( Inventor )

Class: Advanced Inventor

Assignment: Midterm

Wood Table Wood Table

The midterm was to make a simple table to use in a scene with other objects we have made. I chose a table in my house because I thought the middle base would be fun to make. The pumpkin in the background was made in Solidworks Fundamentals class, the rest in Inventor.


( Inventor )

Class: Inventor Fundamentals

Assignment: Assemblies

Wood Chair Wood Chair with ghetto looking cushion

It started as a simple assembly assignment of a few different parts but creative freedom was given so I made this chair instead.

Speaker Enclosure

( Inventor )

Class: Advanced Inventor

Assignment: Final

Basic Speaker render partial speaker render

I created this enclosure for a speaker and it's componenents using Inventor.

Power Wheel

( Solidworks )

Class: Solidworks Fundamentals

Assignment: Final

---> Detailed drawings power wheel cover page power wheel exploded view

Final project for Solidworks Fundamentals course. This was pretty much the first project I ever created in cad. I had virtually no experience going into this project so it was a great learning experience. I was taking Drafting Fundamentals at the same time which certainly helped to make the drawings. Designing, creating and making the drawings for each part was a lot of fun. Safe to say I would be far more effecient at creating the same product now after gaining more experience.

Table Top Game Parts

( Inventor )

DDF - 3D Printing/Manufacturing class

A Door that to 3D print that can be assembled to swing open and an ancient desk. Desigined by me to use with a Table Top Game I play with friends. This was a fun way to practice designing and then manufacturing as well through 3D printing. Only minor adjustments had to be made to door size so that the wood grain features were more clearly visible.

Dungeon Door Assembly ancient desk 3D printed Door 3D printed ancient desk

Kinemetics Various Themes

( Inventor and Solidworks for other class projects )

Class: Kinematics Drafting

Assignment: various

CAM Displacement Diagram Spur Gear Drawing

Every couple weeks in Kinematics was spent on a different aspect and we did a quick dive into how each topic operated and was used in CAD. We spent time on gears, cams, linkages, bearings, and belt and chain drives. It was interested diving into how these many features operate in our every day life. Things that most people don't get to think about but greatly enhance our lives.

Web Development

Farm Clicker Tycoon

( React-Redux, Express, Passport, JWT, Enzyme, Jest )

Resource Management clicker game. Manage crops and feed the animals to keep your farm running smoothly.

smart mockups Farm Clicker Tycoon

I created this app to improve my skills compared to my previous clicker game, Lemonade Clicker Tycoon. It was a blast to make and along the way I tried a few things I had never done before. I will add more functionality and balancing over time.

Bonus Kid

( React-Redux, Enzyme, Express, Passport, JWT, Chai, Mocha )

Did she get all A's in school? Did he do all his chores? Those kids deserve a bonus! This app helps parents incentivize good behavior.

screenshot of Bonus Kid app

Bonus Kid was created by 4 people over 3 weeks. I worked on the child user components and helped on the back end. I also did all testing for the front end. Planning an app using the agile methodology was a great experience.

Lemonade Clicker Tycoon

( React-Redux, Node, Express, Passport )

Click your way to millions in this casual clicker game by selling lemonade, hiring employees and purchasing upgrades.

screenshot of Lemonade Clicker Tycoon app

I had a lot of fun building my first original full stack app over a period of about 2 weeks. I have more game ideas and look forward to implementing them.